Who to follow?

Well, @lectronice, of course. You'll also find me on Tumblr.

You can send me an email if you feel the need to. I'm open to collaboration and any kind of stuff involving music and/or video games.

Try i one dot love another dot spam at lectronice one last dot com.

Who else?

Well, some friends of mine.

  • Alex Goth. Sombre creator, fellow soundscaper. I've interviewed him here.
  • Armel J. Gibson. Neat indie games. I happen to make music for some.
  • Dziff. She knows how to draw. I've made a track for one of her projects.
  • Necrophile Hummingbird. Netlabel. I have contributed to Necktar 2017 4 & 5 as Sinusal.
  • o0o0. French interactive fiction, anyone?
  • Pitoum. I proofread his shit since maybe a decade.
  • Streams of Europe. Ambient music. Multimedia collective. I'm a founding member.
  • Tim Doyle. Inspiring artist and central figure in my Last FM network.