Here are my latest musical endeavors released on Bandcamp. Also, feel free to check my posts in the music category.

I pretend to make music since FL Studio 1.0 is out. It was called Fruity Loops then.

I make all kinds of electronic music, because I'm too lazy to learn how to play an analogue instrument (except Native American flute maybe). I mostly use FL Studio, Audacity, various free VST/VSTi, a Kaossilator, a Mini Kaoss Pad, a Kaossilator Pro and an Electribe SX-1 SD. Also, Nanoloop, Audio GL and possibly Renoise.

In fact, the purpose of this website is to gather the stuff I've done over the years. It's spread all over the internets, you know. If you want to stay tuned, subscribe to my RSS feed, or follow me

on Twitter.

Sometimes it takes months or years before I post an update. Don't worry.

I'm also on SoundCloud but I share an account with Streams of Europe because SoundCloud is to fucking damn expensive, so you'd better check out my Bandcamp instead. There's also some older stuff on The 61 and on Last FM. And yeah, I'm a member of Streams of Europe.

If you're looking for tracks, remixes, collaboration and stuff like that, drop me a line below or on Twitter.