The truth is, in real life, I'm a full-time game designer since almost a decade. Thus I mostly work on serious games for serious people. When I come home, when I manage to find some time, I mostly work on unmarketable games, designed for nobody but me. So here, you will find personal works that weren't made to allow me to eat nor to suit anyone's need.

(do not) forget

Play it here.

It's a game about a rabbit who is looking for the color of the sky. It's also fucking weird and maybe lovely. You'll find more information about it on this page.

Under This Forlorn Tree (in progress)

This is a Streams of Europe project, set in the Whispers Of The Mnemocyon universe. Expect some post-apocalyptic cyberpunk with pounding techno and mind-melting breakcore.

Zest (in progress)

I'm working as a programmer (I still don't believe it) on a Twine simulator about lemon addiction with Richard Goodness and PaperBlurt.