I've been playing with Twine since a while. It's a pretty nifty little open source software meant to help you create hypertext fiction. You know, these sad, introspective, vaguely political, globally surrealist text games pretending to be art. It's very simple and intuitive to use, and while it looks pretty basic, it offers many, many possibilities if you start messing with JavaScript and custom CSS.

So I started to work on a Twine project with Streams of Europe, involving a Sisyphean tale in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting, and it was going quite well, until I decided to gather the snippets of code I had found all over the web in a single place.

Currently, Twine's community is very active, but frankly, it's a mess. Everyone makes everything and it's great, but the results are, well, everywhere. Nothing is centralized, all the good stuff, the old documentation, the new alpha versions, the useful macros, the various tutorials, they're spread across a dozen of groups, social networks and blogs.

So I'm currently trying to put all this stuff together in a TiddlyWiki. It's quite an interesting task, and a funny one, knowing Twine is based on TiddlyWiki. It should be part of a future Twine version, and released as a reference for TwineQuest, a toolkit project for Twine meant to gather useful macros and structures.

Wish me luck.