What they say

  • Warp Door (2017.01.04)
    A Road to Awe is a kind of intimate year-long game jam, with a focus on level design and ambient music. The game itself offers a contemplative first-person experience. You simply walk the road, one day at a time, wondering what comes next.
    (My own description)
  • PC Gamer – Free games of the week (2017.01.07)
    Developer lectronice plans to add a chunk of game to A Road to Awe every day—every day over the entirety of 2017. That’s a hell of a hill to climb, and by the end of the year we’ll have 365 linked rooms that offer contemplative navigation, pretty colours, and a pleasant electronic soundtrack. First-person sorta-mazes are the order of the day here, and depending on when you play this, it will either be a relatively small game or a chuffing enormous one.
  • Owen Ketillson – Itch game of the week (2017.01.09)
    […] The game will exist more in the player’s mind or memory than it does as an actual thing that can be interacted with. The act of playing A Road to Awe is more about this decision to play it than to actually do the deed. [It] is about the act of trudging through time, not a reflection on it.
  • RPG in a Box – Game Showcase (2017.01.14)
    It’s been a joy getting to walk through and explore a new level each day of 2017 so far; a nice little experience to look forward to after the daily grind. […] One of the really cool things about A Road to Awe is its unique visual style combining eye-catching color schemes and great designs with lots of stairs and verticality.
  • Non-Violent Game of the Day (2017.02.04)
    A Road to Awe is a one-year long abstract diary experiment, where a new level is created every day in 15 minutes, then linked to the previous one. The idea is to translate the fleeting essence of time into a voxel-based journey, made available for the player to explore at their own pace.
    (My own description)