How do I install the game/the app?

For an optimal experience:

  • Create an account on itch.io.
  • Download the Itch app.
  • Launch the app, log in and search for “A Road to Awe” (or paste https://lectronice.itch.io/a-road-to-awe in the app’s brower)
  • Install the game through the app. It will update automatically each time you’ll launch the app.

You can also download the game directly without the app, but you won’t get automatic daily updates.

How do I play this thing?

The controls are simple:

  • Left click to move, right click to look around.
  • Alternatively, WASD or Arrow keys to move.
  • Escape to quit.

Will it work on my system?

A Road to Awe is primarily developed for Windows. It also works on Linux and macOS, though not thoroughly tested.

Will there really be one new road section a day?

Yes. Unless I don’t have access to my computer. In that case, an unmodified basic road section template will be uploaded instead, once I can resume the process.

What is the strange floating yellow labyrinth?

Let’s simply say that one light equals one week.

What engine are you using?

RPG in a Box.

What’s the point? This is pretentious/lazy/boring/absurd/useless/not a game/not art.

Find your own answer. That’s the point.

What will happen in 2018?

Other projects. Nékromegà, if it’s not already finished. I may also release an enhanced version of A Road to Awe with additional features, and possibly an ambient album crafted with 2017’s daily loops.

I’ve found a bug! What can I do?

Send me an email with as much details as possible.

I have another question! What can I do?

Send me an email with as much details as possible.