Projects started.

Games, albums, novels... And so few of them completed. I call this creative procrastination, and it makes me sad.


Hours of sleep wasted.

Writing hoplessly bad code and neverending stories in bed at impossible hours instead of just sleeping.


Reasons to leave now.

Seriously, why are you still here? You surely have better things to do. If not, please play my games or listen to my stuff.

This bunny is in quest for the color of the sky. I love bunnies.

Please help the bunny. It's the main character of (do not) forget, a game I've made.

First world problems certified.

My website is great to waste your time and forget how lucky you are compared to people dying of starvation in poor contries.

Partial controller support.

Well, sort of. I still have to make a game using a gamepad, since I am mostly into interactive fiction at the moment.

Headphones ready.

I make various music under various monikers. I cannot play an instrument properly, so it is mostly electronic music.

Meet my team of social media experts.

They are all highly specialized and very skilled in their domain.


Chief Dog Officer.

Loves cat turd and anything supposedly non-edible.
Good at making disgusting noises, farting, surprise licking, and sleeping where he's not supposed to.


Community Bunny Manager.

Loves to turn furnitures over. Hates cats.
Good at simulating sudden death. Prone to thump very loudly with her foot, especially when a cat is in sight.


Agile Kitten Developer.

Passionate vlogger. Loves dogs.
Good at being cute, entangling cables and chasing tails (including his own). Has a ridiculously high-pitched voice.


Games never played.

From my Steam library. I like to pretend it is because I make games instead.


Made of water.

This is an average estimation. The rest is probably beer and trixels.



On a daily basis, the only moment I am not on line is probably when I sleep.



Animals are my friends, except maybe mosquitoes. I do not eat my friends.

What people say.

Voxane, game journalist.

lectrowho? I bet he's an average white male cis wanker who makes bad choice-based interactive fiction to pretend he's original.

Rhônelle, interactive fiction reviewer.

lectronice is the death of parser games. He uses tools for idiots, can't code, can't spell, and add multimedia to injury.

Lio, contemporary art teacher.

Video game are not art. Video games are a medium. Art is what you can make with a medium. lectronice ovbiously has no idea what he's doing.

Loukoum, post-rock and doom metal fan.

Seriously, what the fuck is this? These shitty chillout noises and ambient glitches sound worse than dubstep. I like the drugs references though.

Here is a selection of my creations.

There is probably something you will like, since you made it so far.

pic1 Gallery

Under This Forlorn Tree

post-cyberpunk romance / rhythm rogue-like

pic1 Gallery

Dead Pets Paradise: Spread Love!

non-violent rogue-like / sequel to (do not) forget

pic1 Gallery


management simulator / IFComp 2014

pic2 Gallery

(do not) forget

isometric spiritual adventure / multimedia Twine

(do not) forget the soundtrack

ambient dubstep chillout trip hop / whatever

crappy songs for crappy people

trying to make music with a Kaossilator

the cats don't cry EP

soundtrack for an angry weekend of solitude

Here is my development blog.

Well, sort of. In fact, this is a preview from my Tumblr.

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