Welcome to lectronice's operating system.
It's not really an operating system, but let's pretend it is, okay?

I make video games, music, and various related stuff.
I'm a professional game designer since a decade.
I'm a hobbyist game developer since even more.
I like to mess with anything digital.
I also make electronic music.

This is the place where I gather my personal creations. Feel free to browse, if you ended up here, you'll probably find something of interest, possibly hidden in plain sight, or in the dark corner of a lost subfolder.

Here's where I'm currently the most active on the web: Don't forget to check out my latest drone + ambient album.
And please, leave the trashcan alone.
A Road to Awe
dev blog

Maybe I am growing old. Maybe the world I known is on the verge of collapse. Maybe I need some artistic routine and discipline to pretend it will be alright.

A Road to Awe is a kind of intimate year-long game jam, with a focus on level design and ambient music. The game itself offers a contemplative first-person experience. You simply walk the road, one day at a time, wondering what comes next.

In 2017, every day, the road will get a new section for you to explore. The game will be updated through Itch's early access system, so anyone following the project will get new content automatically if they use the Itch app.

I have no idea where the road will lead, but feel free to come along. You are invited.

itch page
Petjeh's YouTube
A Road to Awe
dev blog

Nékromegà is an insanely ambitious first-person adventure game about the death of a utopia and the consequences of colonialism. You play as a young boy who grows into a vengeful force of nature, a desperate man who will bring a whole empire to its knees. What shreds of humanity will be left in the end will depend on your choices. Would you stay human if you had the power of a god?

Konstantinos Dimopoulos helps me with world building, especially, city design, and Justin Arnold develops the engine I'm using, RPG in a Box.

Cartrdge page

I've helped Konstantinos Dimopoulous with the enhanced version of his 2014 Twine game about the 2010 Greek crisis. This includes translations, visual design, animated GIF, CSS styling and other technical delicacies. Even sounds effects (well, one sound effect).

Though a couple of self-proclaimed video game critics (I meant, assholes) rated it terribly on the IFDB, I highly recommend it. It's funny, educational, and may teach you a few things about politics in general and Greece in particular. If you like the game, please give it a few stars.

IFDB page
Workers In
Progress: PH
on itch.io

Some thoughts about religion, freedom of speech and the Charlie Hebdo events, shaped as a low-resolution platformer with cute animals.

Made for the #CharlieJam.

It's kind of set in the (do not) forget universe. Includes midly hardcore platforming action, 8x8 animals, strong language, cheap sound effects, butchered 8-bit versions of the French national anthem, and a crude hand-drawn pixel art penis.

I'll probably make an online version one day, but for now, it's only for Windows systems. If you don't have access to a Windows system, if you're especially lazy, or if you really suck at platformers and want to know how the game ends anyway, have a look at the complete video walkthrough.

Complete video
The Possibility
Of Death

The Healer is a rather ambitious game developed in Twine, with a shitload of arrays and JavaScript stuff I barely understand.

It's a medieval fantasy hospital simulation. Yes, it sounds silly, and equally lousy and awesome. You can follow my progress on my tumblr, here: http://lectronice.tumblr.com

If you're lazy, you can also click on the Tumblr icon, it shouldn't be too hard to find unless you've opened tons of windows. Yeah, maybe I should add hyperlinks in these readme files. But they woudn't feel like real readme files, would they?

You may also want to have a look into my Fonts folder, there's free stuff I've made while developing the game.

UPDATE: This game in on hold, and will probably never be released in its current form, but who knows?

The Healer
play Zest

Made for the 2014 IF Comp with Richard Goodness and PaperBlurt. We've won the 23rd place, and that's pretty OK given the theme and the fact it's not parser-based I guess.

I'm credited as a programmer, which is weird but true.

IFDB page
Emily Short's
Liz England's
play (dn)f

Made for a dead pet bunny. Featured in the Inky Path Volume 1.3 — Hidden in Shadows.

IFDB page
(do not) forget

I design serious games by day, and develop silly games by night. So I though I'd share my lore: Twine hacks, bad JavaScript, HTML and CSS fun, electronic music making, pixel pushing, game design for dummies, and other delicacies.

Please use the form below to (possibly, one day) receive various stuff on such matters in your inbox.

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Procedural Crying
Blog post
Methods For
the cats
don't cry ep
crappy songs for
crappy people
Watching Stone
Become Sand
Feeding the
Hungry Silence
Necktar 2017
Volume 4
Necktar 2017
Volume 5
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Mediceval fonts and icons 1.0 are released under this license:

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

In brief, do whatever you want with them, but be nice and credit lectronice. A link to http://lectronice.com would be great, really.

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This was made by lectronice, using:

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I made these because I needed an arrow for one of my games, called The Healer. It's a fantasy hospital simulator. Feel free to check it out on my website.

You could also say hello, I'd be delighted to know how you're using my work.

- JAAAaaaAAavascript bt alienmelon (github.com/alienmelon/JAAAaaaAAavascript)
- Some icons by Tony Thomas (medialoot.com/item/free-flat-filetype-icons)
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