Lately I've become filthy rich, so I've bought a motherfucking Kaossilator Pro. It's totally awesome for wannabe musicians who don't have a clue about music theory. I may even buy a second one. Or maybe a Kaoss Pad. Or maybe an Electribe. Or maybe all of them. It seems like I'm becoming a Korg fanboy. Being a fanboy should feed my self-loathing, so it should also be quite inspirational.

Anyway here comes my first piece made using a Kaossilator plugged into a Mini Kaoss Pad plugged into a Kaossilator Pro. I've recorded thirteen different live sessions with the same settings and mashed them up in FL Studio 9. So the result is more than one hour of live crap stripped down to a bit less than ten minutes.

Making a whole album using this technique sounds like fun, so you may want to keep an eye on crappy songs for crappy people's page.

I'm pretty happy with some parts, and pretty unhappy with the overall song structure. It's a big mess, and a long one, with random progression and repetitive patterns. It's quite similar to the usual love life, I guess, so metaphorically speaking, it's not so bad.

<a href="">one more useless love song by lectronice</a>

Yeah, I've opened an account at Bandcamp (Soundcloud being great but too damn expensive) and I must say I'm quite impressed with the service.