I tried Tumblr many years ago. That was fun for a while, then I forgot it.

I've changed my website many, many times, but I'm still not very happy with it. As a said earlier, my host is cheap, but sucks a caribou's ass. I get PHP errors all the time, and I'm not supposed to. This is embarrassing.

So I decided to give a try to Tumblr again, and, most importantly, I decided to stop writing random crap every three months. I'm trying to run a dev blog for (do not) forget's sequel (or maybe it's a prequel, or both). And so far, it works, at least for me. It has been very helpful to write my thoughts about my creative process. I've probably written more there in one week than in one year on this blog.

So for now, you'll find me at lectronice.tumblr.com