1. Procrastination.

You're working on a huge project. The very project you're working on since you're a teenager. Many times, you've been close to actually produce something, instead of just taking notes and forgetting them for months or years. Lately you've even found, again, some close friends who'd love to take part to the adventure.

Yet you're already procrastinating, again, just by reading this. And you're thinking that starting a blog would be an interesting side project. You've got your excuse, go on!

2. Egotism.

You spend a lot of time on the web. Your technophobic friends barely understand the incredible stuff you talk about when you make the effort to talk to them IRL. And you keep seeing all the cool guys on Twitter writing nifty ordered lists about stuff you already know.

So, why not write about the many secrets you're constantly learning during your exciting online life? Everyone is a social media expert, join the fun! All you need is a blog, with "expert" in the tagline.

3. Boredom.

You have a critical mind. Very few things keep you entertained for a long time, including your own life. Starting a blog would probably keep you busy for a while, or at least, make you busy regularly. Your readers may even amuse you with their comments. Because, of course, you'll get tons of readers.

You have a critical mind. You'll necessarily write awesome ordered lists.

4. Recession.

You have a job, and you earn enough money to pay your internet access and various geeky devices. However, the recession doesn't help, and a bit of extra cash would be nice. You've already tried various ways of making money on the web, and all of them failed. But you were a dilettante.

This time, you'll make the effort to put yourself at the very level of your audience. Ads will triple your income, without a doubt.

5. Opinion.

Politics used to bore you to death, but you've watched some online documentaries lately (you've grokked the patterns of too many TV shows). You already knew most of mankind was hopeless, but since Zeitgeist, you're slowly turning into a revolted techno-anarcho-syndicalist.

Writing down your dissident thoughts will enlighten the masses and make you famous.

6. Culture.

You watch foreign movies. You listen to obscure music. You read books without pictures. You play independent video games. 42 is more than a simple number for you. People often ask you how to spell specific words. Sometimes, they even say you are interesting.

This is quite enough to start a blog and spread your unmatched interestingness.

7. Misanthropy.

People are shit. And so is the band with such lousy lyrics. You hate everyone, including people who hate everyone. Blind masses, corrupt politicians, religious obscurantists, neighbors, hippies and Apple fanboys alike. You even hate Maddox.

You also hate being negative, but it's what you do the best. This is blog time!

8. Loneliness.

You actually deeply cherishes loneliness. But living as a complete hermit isn't an option (yet). The web already provides you with some virtual, disembodied relationships. But your inquiring mind aches for a deeper understanding of human nature, despite, or because, of your undiagnosed autism.

Blogging is the perfect solution: you can expose your views without even interacting with your readers.

9. Creativity.

You're an artist. You're a musician, a designer, a writer... You just don't understand people who live without creating stuff. And most of these people don't understand your work, because they are, you know, normal people. The world must become aware of your talent.

Everything you touch turns into art, so will your blog.

10. Therapy.

The many mental disorders you're trying to handle everyday are harder to spot online. Here you can go social in a normal way without feeling totally awkward. You can even develop a kind of positive schizophrenia: you'll still be a full time loser in the real world, yet you'll also be a complete winner on your blog.

What are you waiting for?